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This is a much longer summary than I usually give and the reason for that is when a director has so many people interacting, things can get out of hand. Nancy Criss handles the whole thing with great skill and she has directed the entire film beautifully. It is so easy to see how it could have run away from her. I want to give a special shout out to David Moretti who not looks great but does a really fine job and to Rebekah Kochan who plays her part to perfection. I believe that is a film that will capture the hearts of our community. It highlights talented actors showing what they can do, wonderful cinematography and a story that captures the viewer from the first frame. It is about time that we have such a stylish comedy.Amos Lassen

Directed and produced by Nancy Criss, who has a lot of experience in television, this film has a “sitcom” feel to it, not necessarily a bad thing, but don’t expect groundbreaking cinema. To her credit, she does a commendable job with a rather complex story with many character interactions, and gets a credible performance out of the main actors. Bob Lind

Director Criss also shows what she can do with limited resources: she’s involved in the film’s various aspects of production, from producing to editing, and while the movie never rises above its material (and, to be fair, Jake Helgren’s script has some fine passages) there’s a sense that with Criss at the helm it’s become all it can be: Sweet — even moving — funny, and engaging. Kilian Melloy

I am never sure about films that use faith as a theme because they often come off as way too sweet. Here, that is not the case. Director Nancy Criss has done an amazing job with the film and everything works—from the music to the cinematography (of beautiful San Tan Valley of Arizona) to the plot. You might have to dry your eyes a couple of times but that is a good thing. When a film touches us, we know we have seen something worthwhile and “A Horse for Summer” is more than worthwhile. Make sure you look for it.  Amos Lassen

With a beautiful wilderness setting, an attractive cast, and constant awkwardness, this romantic comedy provides an enjoyable retreat for its viewers. Montgomery produced Jake Helgren’s screenplay, and Nancy Criss directed. Fans of Montgomery’s other films should enjoy this one as well. Duane Simolke

The characters are real, in depth and totally believable and inevitably remind us of people we know in our own lives. This is a charming movie and a lot of fun. Toby Grace

Anonymous Reviews:

Like the movie…. great messages. Perhaps overly dramatic but sweet. Happy ending in many ways. Wish other movies were as well done.

 To Whom It May Concern:

The Creative Lab is an entertainment company with 8 Emmy Awards and 3 pages of other awards under it’s belt. We have been in the entertainment business for over 18 years.

I had the chance to hire Nancy Criss as my lead Producer for 2 television pilots this year. We hire a lot of people, often in foreign countries, so I come across a lot of talented people. But Nancy remains at the top of that list. I have been blown away by Nancy’s ability to maintainand motivate a crew as well as remain kind-hearted and professional throughout the entire process.

In addition to her personhood skills, Nancy allowed me to deliver remarkable product which enabled us to land development and production deals on both of these pilots.

I recommend Nancy Criss with no reservations. She is highly skilled and tremendously resourceful as a Producer and Executive Producer. Crews love her. Clients love her. And I believe her to be an incredible asset to our company.

I sincerely look forward to our next funded production so that Nancy Criss can once again take the helm.


Paul Wagner, CEO/Founder
The Creative Lab


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